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Mini-ITX Components

Mini-ITX is a standard allowing maximum-power processors in a very small form factor.

Cases can be as small as approximately 4 liters in volume and come in various styles. Some builds are suited to desktop/workstation computing, some to servers, and some to media centers.

These recommendations will require some system system-building skills. Since they are comprised of completely individual components, you will need previous knowledge of computer assembly. There are also many YouTube videos and websites which can help you aquire the skills. It is not difficult; in fact, it can be quite fun. Sometimes, however, Mini-ITX cases can be a bit challenging to work within since they are so small.

AMD Ryzen-based build recommendations

The current price-performance leader in high-end processing is AMD's Ryzen line of CPUs. Per unit of computing power, in 2018 they hold a significant advantage over Intel’s CPUs.

See the AMD Ryzen-based Mini_ITX system components page

Intel i7-based build recommendations

Coming soon!

Mini-ITX case recommendations

Mini-ITX based systems offer unique advantages with their very small component sizes. To take full advantage, we recommend specialized Mini_ITXcases.

Please see the separate Cases for Mini-ITX Systems page.


Page Last Edited: Sunday, May 20, 2018
Page First Published: May 14, 2018

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