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Achieve harmony between your software stack and your computing hardware.

The Monterey Open Source Technology Guru is here to help you attain IT oneness!

The Guru's mission is to make it as easy as possible to utilize open source software throughout the information technology stack.

How does this site aim to do it?  In 2018 the main remaining concern people seem to have with implementing a fully open source technology stack is that hardware may not be well supported.  It remains true that other (closed) platforms sometimes have a greater selection of hardware drivers, but more and more vendors are providing ever greater drivers for Linux, BSD and other open platforms.

While MOST.Guru staff are very comfortable in heterogenous (i.e. mixed Linux / Windows / Mac-OS) environments, with this site we concern ourselves almost entirely with Linux.  In general, we only recommend hardware which we have tested and (in most cases) have used extensively in production either ourselves or in client's production environments.

MOST.Guru also offers a full complement of implementation services for businesses and homes on California's Central Coast, including:


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Page First Published: July 23, 2015

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