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The network installation team specializes in elegant networking systems for small to mid-size businesses.

As of 2015 all specified network wiring is category 6 (Cat6).  Except for patch cables at "terminal" ends, in-wall wiring is expected and specified in all but the most difficult wall configurations (solid concrete, for example).  In such cases surface-mounted conduit and boxes are used to hide cable runs.

In most cases we avoid using exposed patch panels even if a "wiring closet" is available.  We prefer to use extensively color coded jacks in flush mounted wall plates, often with patch cables (at both ends: panel-to-router and jack-to-computer) custom made to closely match the coloring of the jacks.  This aids to quickly identify networking circuits.

With these products you, too, can have an elegant network installation.  If your business or home is located on the California Central Coast, contact us for an installation quote.

Page Last Edited: Friday, November 13, 2015
Page First Published: July 24, 2015

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