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Workstations and Servers

These recommendations are for "barebones" systems or individual components you will assemble to make your own high-end desktop workstation or server.


Intel NUC

When running efficient Linux, Intel’s “Next Unit of Computing” on the NUC page are basically workstation grade computers.

Be sure to select the most recent generation and configure with maximum memory and a PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD for maximum performance!


For even more powerful machines, please take a look at the Mini-ITX component pages.

Mini-ITX is a standard allowing maximum-power processors in a very small form factor. Cases can be as small as approximately 1.5 liters in volume and come in various styles. Some builds are suited to desktop/workstation computing, some to servers, and some to media centers.


Intel 7th gen i7 NUC - 'Tall'

The version above is the "tall," high power (i7) version which also allows you to add a 2.5 inch drive in addition to the M.2 solid state drive.  It is fabulous as a very small server!

Don“t forget to pair with the same memory and storage as you see on the 7th generation NUC page page.

External Drive Enclosures

To attach very large amounts of data to small systems such as the NUC, multiple large capacity 3.5 inch drives can be placed into a USB 3.1 (or 3.0) drive array and connected to the computer while maintaining high interface speeds.

Mediasonic 10Gpbs (USB 3.1) ProBox
Mediasonic 10Gpbs (USB 3.1) ProBox

The Mediasonic 10Gpbs (USB 3.1) ProBox is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to attach 4 3.5" drives to a system with a single USB C cable. This enclosure supports 12TB drives, so in one small case you can store up to 48 terabytes of data!

Mediasonic 6Gpbs (eSata +/or USB 3.0) ProBox
Mediasonic 6Gpbs (eSata and USB 3.0) ProBox

This Mediasonic ProBox allows attachment via eSata and USB 3.0 for recent computers. This enclosure supports 8TB drives, allowing storage of up to 32 terabytes in one small case.

Yottamaster Aluminum 5 Bay USB3.0 RAID External HDD Enclosure
Yottamaster Aluminum 5 Bay External Enclosure

This Yottamaster enclosure features 5, 3.5" bays and attaches to your computer via USB 3.0. This enclosure supports 10TB drives, allowing storage of up to 50 terabytes in one small case.

In each case, Linux or Windows can be configured to show each drive separately or combined into one or more virtual drives (using software RAID or other techniques). In the case of the Yottamaster, hardware RAID is also supported

more recommendations coming soon

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Page First Published: July 24, 2015

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