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Accessories for Phones and Tablets

These accessories will enhance your use of the phones and tables recommended by MOST.Guru.

Power Banks

All of the following recommendations have “newer” models listed on Amazon.  However, those new models each have less stored power!  Stick with what we are recommending for the best utility.

RAVPower 32,000 mAh RAV Power 32,000 mAh
With up to 6amps maximum simultaneous power output you can charge up to three devices at a time (2.4A max per port).  With 2.4A input you can also recharge the power bank quickly when it is depleted.  Enough stored power to charge a contemporary high-end smartphone up to 11 times before needing to recharge the bank.  High-density Li-polymer battery ensures long life and no “memory” effect.

RAVPower 26,800 mAh RAVPower 26,800 mAh
As above, but the battery stores 26,800 mAh of power.  This is enough to charge a contemporary high-end smart phone up to 9 times.  Max. output total is 5A.  Max output per port is also 2.4A (as with the first recommendation) but maximum input is only 2A max., so this power bank will charge proportionately slower.

RAVPower 22,000 mAh RAVPower 22,000 mAh
Lowest in total stored power of the three recommendations, at 22,000 mAh of stored power this power bank nevertheless has enough juice to charge a contemporary high-end smart phone up to 7 times.  It outputs a maximum of 5.8 amps (up to 2.4A per port) and has 2.4A power input capacity for fast charging.

This last one is the best bang for the buck and will suffice for virtually all users requiring a charge about once every two weeks for average users needing to top off phones toward the end of a working day.


USB Cables


USB A to USB C (short) USB A to Lightning (short)
CableCreation Short (0.5ft) braided USB A to USB C Cable

For power banks we always recommend very short cables.  Since you can easily set down the bank and device together, there is almost never a reason for a long (and tangled) charging cable.

USB A to USB C (2-pack) USB A to Lightning (short)
Slightly longer (1 ft) USB A to USB-C braided cable (2 pack)



USB A to USB C (5-pack) USB A to Lightning (short)
4.33 inch cables.  TPE jacketed, high-temperature resistant.  Perfect for stacking a phone right on top of a charger or power bank.


USB A to USB C (5-pack) USB A to Lightning (short)
Slightly loinger at 8 inches, these cables are braided and often just the right length for connecting to a car charger without too much left-over cable.


USB A to Lightning (short) USB A to Lightning (short)
TeckNet PowerLink Premium Lightning to USB Cable.  Only 4 inches (0.1M) long.  Apple MFi Certified



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Page First Published: October 21, 2017

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