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Shuttle XPC Nano

3 versions:

Complete, low power workstation

Shuttle XPC Nano Desktop
Shuttle XPC Nano Desktop

A little less expensive than the HP Pavilion, this machine is basically identical except for styling and does not include a keyboard or mouse.  It has the same Intel Celeron processor as the Pavilion and thus the same basic performance.

Some people prefer this angular (square, in fact) design over HP’s; this computer can also be mounted to the back of a monitor or other mount with VESA-standard mounting dimensions.  The computer — while slightly larger than the NUC at 5.6 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches — is incredibly small.  Amazingly, while shorter than the Pavilion, it still can accommodate a 2.5” hard drive in addition to an M.2 drive.

Add RAM and/or storage upgrades as with the HP Pavilion.  You may also need a keyboard, mouse (HP includes mouse and KB) and display if you don’t have those lying around.

Barebones kit

Another fantastic option if you want to maximally tweak this system is to buy the barebones version for about $80 less.  Then you can add exactly the RAM and storage you want — with no “wasted” upfront spending on 2GB of RAM if you want a lot more.

Barebones, higher power workstation

There is also a much faster fast Intel i3 processor version (also barebones) which is similar to a lower-end NUC in speed.

RAM for the Shuttle XPC Nano

The Shuttle XPC requires DDR3L (low voltage) memory.

Storage for the Shuttle XPC Nano

Primary storage (for Operating System and applications)

These drives are solid state and very fast!  “Cold” boot times of less than 9 seconds are not uncommon.

The Shuttle XPC Nano requires 42mm M.2 drives due to its case and mainboard configuration, so be sure you pick from the list here and not from our similar list for the NUC

Secondary storage (for data)

See secondary storage for the NUC.

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Page First Published: October 11, 2016

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