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Monitor Mounts

There are tremendous benefits to raising your monitor(s) off the desk with a mount.  The main benefits are:

If you ever wondered what the fuss is with multiple monitors, just imagine how much more efficient your work becomes when you do not need to constantly switch between open applications (tasks) but rather, can just turn your head ever so slightly to change focus.  We consistently recommend triple monitor systems for use cases similar to the following:

Triple Monitor Systems

Please note: when mounting three monitors with a single mount, you can often mount monitors larger than the 24-inch maximum size given by most manufacturers if:

  1. your monitors do not exceed the maximum allowable weight (keep in mind you will be removing each monitor's provided stand) and
  2. your monitors are «contemporary» and have narrow bezels and/or
  3. you mount one or more monitors vertically (this is a great decision for applications which display a lot of text, such as e-mail, text or word-proccessors, etc.)

Dual Monitor Systems

Dual monitor mounts can greatly increase productivity too.  They also help save cost, as you need only two monitors and the mounts themselves are a little less expensive.

Gas Piston Systems

These monitor arms will elevate one or two monitors and make it easy to lift or lower them when changing working position.  To our knowledge, there are no triple monitor gas piston systems — you would need to use multiple gas piston arms.

Page Last Edited: Thursday, May 3, 2018
Page First Published: November 14, 2015

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