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Patch Cords, Wire and Tools

Patch Cords (pre-made)

Ethernet (Cat 6e)

If you just want a couple quick patch cables, try this color coordinated 5-pack.  Comes in a red, yellow, green, blue, black multipack.  Each cable is 5 feet long.

Also available are 2-packs in either 10 feet and 20 feet. At only $1 more, the 20 foot pack is arguably a much better deal, but don't forget that excesses of cable are untidy and might create tripping and other snagging hazards.

RJ45 to POTS (RJ11)

Run plain old telephone service phones over your Ethernet infrastructure:

Ethernet Cable (bulk)

Everything you need to wire your network, including making custom patch cables, if desired.

Tools and Tidying

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Page First Published: July 24, 2015

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