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USB Hubs, USB Cables

With the proliferation of USB devices, the vast majority of computers do not have enough USB ports for allowing all your devices to be connected simultaneously.

These hubs and cables will allow you to keep things plugged in at all times. With USB 3.1 capability on your computer, you will have tremendous speed (with properly matched peripherals).

USB Hubs

GenBasic multi port, powered USB hubs with "FireCharge" (i.e. quick charging)

GenBasic 10+2 port USB hubGenBasic 12 Port (10 Data, 2 FireCharge) 84W Powered Aluminum USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hub with FireCharge Technology
Are you tired of your USB ports moving all over your desk when you plug and unplug devices?  Do you need quick charging?  This industrial grade USB 3.1 hub has it all.  You can screw it down securely with included hardware and it has 2 quick-charging “FireCharge” ports.

At the same link (above) you can also choose a smaller (4/1 port) hub or a larger (13/2 port) hub.

Amazon Basics multi port, powered USB hubs

Amazon Basics 7+3 port USB hubAmazon Basics 10 Port (7 Data, 3 Charge) 65W Powered Aluminum USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hub
This hub is also metal and is very sleek looking and includes a few 2.4 amp fast charging ports.  However, it does not have screw mount holes.

At the same link (above) you can choose a smaller (7/1 port) hub.

Be sure to select the USB A or USB C connection option appropriate to your computer..

Anker 4-Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub

Anker 4-Port Aluminum USB HubAnker 4-Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub (no external power) (Black)
While you can’t screw it down, (like the GenBasic unit above) this Anker hub does come with a hook and loop system to fasten to your desk or other surface.  If you need a smaller hub, this is just about ideal.

This hub does not have a separate power adapter and therefore will not support quick charging.

USB Cables

Short USB C cablesAroek Short (8 inches), Nylon Braided, USB-C Cables (5-Pack)
Most people’s USB cables are far too long, leading to messy desks and other surfaces.

Available in black or gray, tidy your desk, car, charging station and other areas with this 5-pack (costs less than 2 single short cables)!

These cables are USB-C (i.e. 3.1) to work with the contemporary Android phones and other USB-C devices described on this site.


... On the other hand, sometimes your existing cables are too short in some usage scenarios!  In such a case, consider an extension for just that location.

USB 3.0 extension cable (2-pack)USB 3.0 Type A Male to Female Extension Cable in Black 6 Feet (2-pack)
These are extension cables -- perfect for when your USB cables are not long enough.



USB Light

Sinywon Flexible Mini USB LED Light (3-pack)Sinywon Flexible Mini USB LED Light (3-pack)
Can’t see your keyboard in the dark but also don’t want to shell out for a backlit keyboard or new laptop with a backlit keyboard?  Try this inexpensive solution.  It uses very low power, so any USB port should work just fine.  Comes in a handy 3-pack so you can give your friends one, too!

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